Robert S. Anderson Cabinetmaker

How we’ll turn your ideas into beautiful functional furniture

Furniture can stir emotional responses such as calmness and serenity, rugged independence, warmth and security, and even humour. Surrounding yourself with objects that create reactions can positively enhance your wellbeing.

Trying to find a pre-built piece that matches your ideals can be frustrating and often futile. People are pleasantly surprised when they discover that they can own a high-end piece, made to measure and to suit their tastes for about the same price as good quality factory-made furniture. The same goes for built-in cabinets and large installations, such as a completely custom designed kitchen.

When people first visit us, they usually have an idea of what they’re looking for in their custom furniture. It might be very specific or it might be a more general concept. Here are some of the steps we’ll take to turn your ideas into the furniture that will become an important part of your life.

You may have seen something in a store or in a friend’s home that inspired an idea for your own space. Maybe you have a scrapbook of magazine pages or images from the internet that have caught your imagination. Bring these to us. We’ll listen to your ideas and look over the photos you’ve collected, and more often that not, we’ll be able to discern the thread that runs through everything. Our broad experience working with traditional furniture, modern furniture and non-traditional furniture means we can bring your vision to life, even you haven’t fully formed it yet.

We’ll also visit your home or look at photographs so we know where the furniture will live. I believe it’s very important to make sure that every piece of furniture is connected to what’s around it, even if the connection is eclectic. When you walk into a room you should feel good without even knowing why. Often, just a small change of colour, design or line will achieve this.

We will also carefully review more specific ideas, considering form, detail and functionality to make sure the design works both aesthetically and practically.

During our discussions, I’ll make quick sketches to help visualize the design. Gradually, our concept will evolve until you’re completely happy and I’m confident, as your cabinetmaker, that it works.

Next, I’ll make accurate drawings to make sure every detail has been considered and completely thought through, and I’ll often accompany these with images to illustrate details. We’ll continue to fine tune these as necessary until you’re satisfied. Then you’ll receive a quotation and time frame for completion.

You will achieve a positive emotional response living with a piece you conceived, helped design and watched being being built in our small shop.

There's no catalogue. No set lines. We take your cabinets or furniture, be it a hall mirror or a house full, from conception through design, construction and installation.

Maybe you're a home owner with a desire to live in and create memories in a personal and engaging space. A person who's thinking of the heirlooms of tomorrow. Perhaps you're a fine-home builder with clients who need input and assistance to complete their dream home. An architect with images and concepts that need to be brought to fruition. An interior designer with a vision for a room or an entire home that requires concentrated and detailed attention. We'll help you realize your unique wishes.

Cabinetmaking, custom furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, built-in furniture and freestanding furniture in traditional and contemporary designs. Located in Clarksburg, Ontario, near Collingwood, Thornbury, Blue Mountains, Lora Bay, the Beaver Valley, Meaford and Owen Sound.